About Us

The peace and love club has been a dream in the making for about seven years now. It was always something blooming in the back of my busy mind—but with a full-time job, two boys under two—and, well, life—this dream tended to take a backseat.

Finally, after first opening in 2019 (and then pausing the online shop while I had my babies), we've finally reopened in March of this year. With a goal to turn this passion project into a brand that our South African community loves, I am excited to see how things unfold. And (full transparency here) I hope that one day it allows me to leave my corporate job and spend more time with my babies instead of behind a computer.

So what’s the brand of my dreams you ask? Well, it’s a collection of beautifully curated goods that I just love. Soulful, feel-good finds that make me think of summer beach days, lazy drives around the coast and watching the sun dip under the sea.

We've spent countless hours searching for items from around the world (and found some real gems right here in incredible Cape Town) that make our hearts skip a beat. Along with sourcing and creating our own products we’ve also chosen to include brands that we connect with and that have a similar philosophy to us.

So there you go, that’s me! I hope you enjoy this platform as much as I’ve loved creating it.

Yours in peace and love,